• "During a session, Debbie completely moves her ego aside, as she opens herself up to be a facilitator (vessel) of healing and intense care for her clients. Her energy is soft, nurturing, and open and allows you the space that you need to have a highly personal experience that is nurturing in every way possible.  With complete faith in The Divine and Holy Consciousness, she follows every instruction given to her to share with you during a session.  She holds the space for you to process your experience afterwards and ask any questions that will help you integrate your healing session into your daily life.  Repeat visits with Debbie, as a part of your personal wellness plan, are one of the best investments you can make in taking care of yourself on a regular basis and nourishing yourself so that you can be your best in all the areas of your life. "  K.H. Huntersville, NC 


    "Debbie, thank you for today! You are absolutely wonderful & I appreciate you so much! And thanks for the "plus" today...you can always mark me down for that in the future. It's so fascinating & wonderful the things you're able to sense and share! I felt so good after I left and can't wait to have some alone time later this evening to be able to journal/write about it like you reminded me to do.  I'm going to be in-touch soon about an Akashic Record reading. I'm chomping at the bit! Thanks for sharing yourself today! YOU are a wonderful gift!"  T.C. Concord, NC


    "I have worked with Debbie for through many of her offerings including Reiki, Sister Circles, Reiki Plus, and  her Shamanic Sovereignty Circle. I originally came to Debbie for Reiki but quickly realized all that she had to offer and took it all in! She has become a spiritual mentor for me and I appreciate her warm, intuitive, and non-judgmental manner.”  L.H. Charlotte, NC


    “I have wanted to try Reiki for years but wasn’t sure of what to expect. Once I met Debbie, I felt comfortable and willing to open my mind to what might be unveiled during a Reiki session. I enjoyed two sessions and received great benefit due to an increased awareness of stumbling blocks in my life. I plan on booking another session soon! ” N.B. Denver, NC

    "I really enjoyed my Reiki session with Debbie. I was completely relaxed and felt enveloped in soft loving energy. I felt safe and cared for. Debbie oozes unconditional love and acceptance and connects on a very subtle plane with your inner energy. Her intuitive insights were spot on and delivered in a gentle, loving, non-judgemental way. Thank you Debbie!" C.B. Charlotte, NC


    "My experience with Debbie was powerful. I have been on the path of self healing and having Reiki sessions with Debbie has helped me move closer to reaching inner peace. I am a skeptical person and even asked her if I needed to "buy into" Reiki for it to work. Debbie assured me that whether I believed in Reiki or not, it would still have an impact on me. And it truly did. A lot of emotions were stirred up for me, which needed to come out. I felt safe with Debbie and her intuition about me, my past and what can help me further my healing were spot on." D.Y. Charlotte, NC


    "The moment I met Debbie I was immediately attracted to her charisma and energy. My first Reiki session with her was an “awareness" journey inwardly. This began to formulate a path to focus on some deep seated emotional and physical areas that needed some TLC. The second session I was able to completely “let go” and begin to feel comfortable in sharing whatever surfaced. During each session, I felt very safe, warm, with even breathing and a floating sensation as she moved to areas that were blocked. Many times I could feel her lingering on an area and felt that warmth radiate. After the session we both shared what each of us were feeling during the session and were able to construct some ways to help heal these deep rooted wounds that make us unable to move forward when we get “stuck!” I appreciate Debbie's’ soothing Spirit and insights and definitely look forward to future sessions of Reiki wellness!" S.Y. Denver, NC


    "I was definitely excited, curious, and a little bit nervous about my Reiki energy massage. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole experience ended up being so calm and peaceful but also insightful at the same time. From the moment I showed up for my appointment I was at ease. The room, the smells, the sounds, were all so inviting. The session can only be described by me as a journey and I just let go and let the divine light take me to the places it needed to, and with such a gifted guide like Debbie there was nothing to fear. When it was over Debbie helped me navigate the feelings and sensations I experienced during my session and I was pleasantly surprised to find out our experiences were similar. There is no doubt in my mind about the healing power that Reiki has and I will be booking another appointment. I also think a Reiki energy massage would make such a great gift for family and friends. Especially anyone going through a difficult time whether it be physical, emotional, or both or just someone that's interested in self discovery like me. P.S. you will sleep like a baby the night after your appointment and who can't get excited about that!" N.D. Charlotte NC


    "Debbie helped me with my journey in self healing through the gentle and non-invasive practice of Reiki. Debbie was very accomodating and able to do our sessions remotely. Although we were not face to face, in fact we live in separate states, I could feel the healing energy flow through me during our sessions. The work that we did together brought me more awareness which helped me make the subtle but impactful changes I was seeking in my life." J.D. Michigan


    "For me, I was already actively working through the past, merging it with the present, letting it go, releasing the energetic blocks at my own rhythm, thus slowly raising my rhythm. I was open enough to already have been aware of most of what you told me, but after you laid it out, I decided that the past was me. That the blockages which I was working through were actually Me. So I went deeper into them than ever before. This has helped me purge even faster, stand even stronger, and Know Me More. For that I thank you..." E.T. Charlotte, NC


    "Wow! Debbie is a master! I just left my first reiki session ever and it was intense. The warmth and electrical tingling was not imagined. Glad I tried it. My daughter is having a session now. Can't wait to hear her thoughts. Thanks Debbie!" T.V.C., Mooresville,NC


    "It was my first time in a Reiki session and I had no idea what to expect. Debbie just had a wonderful way of explaining everything before we started. It was an amazing experience, and I never felt so relaxed in my entire life. It is very hard to explain the feeling during the session, every person needs to experience it on their own. I truly believe that it has a very powerful and energizing effect on a body inside and out. I will for sure be back. Debbie is a true Reiki Master with an amazing gift." S.B. - Concord, NC


    "I am still basking in the peacefulness of my reiki session with Debbie on Monday. Her manner, her space and her gift to detect the flow of emotional energy impressed this on me: here is a woman following her calling. Thank you Debbie for sharing yourself with the world. Peace." L.B. Huntersville, NC


    "Wow! Debbie is ahhh-mazing! You will LOVE it! I don't even know how to describe it - lol and I'm a professional speaker! Ha! In the words of Nike "Just do it." — " C.L. Mooresville, NC