• Reiki

    Pronounced "RAY-key", this connection to life force energy through the hands of the practitioner provides energetic support for mind body and spirit. Reiki is a beautiful gateway for beginners and non-beginners alike on this spiritual journey, as it fosters relaxation and stress reduction, creating the space where healing on all levels can begin. By balancing your energy centers, Reiki also opens your awareness and creates an optimal beginning for deeper work. This is the place where your awakening can be nurtured and explored

    This 60 minute session is $70

  • Reiki +

    Reiki + is Reiki plus an intuitive reading of your emotional energy body. I "see" with my hands – what this means is that I intuitively sense what the dominant emotions are that are currently filtering through your body. The benefit of this reading is to help you accept or acknowledge where the “work” lies in order for you to live more fully in alignment with your soul's expression as a light spark of the Divine. I may be given messages to deliver to you as well through this session.

    This 90 minute session is $130

  • Soul Alignment

    This is an opportunity for you to learn who you are at a soul level or what your soul personality traits are, and what parts of your soul story are directly impacting you today. There is more history to your story than just this lifetime. As children we go to school to learn the 3 R’s so we can function in the world. We also take history classes in order to understand the consequences of prior choices so that we can make better informed choices going forward. Expand this concept to the history of your incarnations; I call this Soul School. This is where I read from the Akashic Records or the history book of your soul, in regards to what prior choices are adversely impacting your experience now and preventing your fulfillment and clarity today.

    When you see yourself from your soul’s perspective and we clear the past life residue that is dis-empowering your life now, you are able to make better informed choices going forward.

    This reading is done prior to our meeting together and is shared with you in person or over the phone upon completion.

    This 60 minute session is $130

  • My Commitment to You

    is to connect you with the knowledge that will empower YOU to make choices more consciously aligned with the voice of your spirit.
  • Hours

    Appointment required - please contact me


  • Location

    *** as of July 1, 2017 ***  I Have moved from Charlotte to Mooresville ~ I invite you to explore all the possibilities for expanded personal and spiritual healing in my new space at Light House Spiritual Center at 645 Carpenter Ave. in old town Mooresville.  My business partner, Kendall Heath and I, are ready to support you even more deeply through Light House services, classes & programs!  

    I can still be reached at 704-659-5252 and I look forward to seeing you soon!