• Light Language Reiki Master Debbie Chisholm Charlotte NC

    What is Light language?  Spoken and written, Light language is a multi-dimensional spiritual communication, connecting us to the resonance of the highest states of consciousness and universal teachings.

    As a Medium of Light (Light as in highest spiritual truth) I am a channel for the unified voice of a Divine Feminine Ascended Master group known to me as the "Sophias". The channeled sounds are Divine in origin and are from the highest Love & Light.

    The purpose shared through my channel is always Heart Light Activation igniting soul memory.  This is to further along the awakening of your spirit – to help you on this journey of re-membering who you are as a Divine light spark of God. By connecting you with Source in this way, you are supported energetically to experience yourself from your soul’s memory.

    Rather than a cognitive experience, listening from the heart is a way to allow your body and your spirit to hold the space for you to receive and remember.  Learning something new is really a remembering of the wisdom that is already within your soul.   This full body experience of sound and vibration is like an ocean of goodness washing over you, opening your heart space to more compassion, peace, understanding and forgiveness.  This spiritual experience is intended to ground you in your own truth, supporting the alignment of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

    Light language is available as part of a 1:1 session, and can also be experienced in a group setting called a Sound Darshan.