• Akashic Records

    The Akashic Records are the historical records for your soul's experiences through all lifetimes. Anything and everything your soul has ever experienced is recorded here. It is known by some as the book of life, and can be understood in modern terms as the largest library or data base imaginable. In terms of energy, it can also be understood as the energetic fingerprint of your soul's history. Protected by Akashic Angels, the records are accessible after you have given your permission to do so.... for they are your records! Because the information contained here is so vast, when I read the record on your behalf I will ask specific questions and will be enlightened with only as much knowledge as will support the intention of your highest good.

  • Clairs

    The "Clairs" refers to clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. These subtle senses are available to all of us, they are just more developed in some. The knowledge that comes from any of the clairs is not available to the naked eye/ear/body/mind; in other words it is not available through the 5 senses we traditionally employ.

    Clairvoyance: Clear vision - the ability to see with the eye behind the eye

    Clairaudience: Clear hearing - the ability to hear with the ear behind the ear

    Clairsentience: Clear sensation - the ability to sense through the physical and/or emotional body that which is not outwardly sensed

    Claircognizance: Clear knowing - the automatic knowing with no discernable or significant overture that bestows the knowledge

  • Life Force Energy

    Life force energy is another way of saying what the Chinese call chi, the Japanese call ki and what in Hindusim is understood as prana.  This is the energy that derives from Source, a Higher Power, God, the Divine.  This is the energy that creates life, animates life and supports life on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Whether approached scientifically or spiritually it is one in the same.

  • Light Language

    The language of Light is a multi-dimensional spiritual communication, connecting us to the resonance of the highest states of consciousness and universal teachings.  As a Medium of Light, I am a channel for the unified voice of a Divine Feminine Ascended Master group known to me as the "Sophias". The channeled sounds are Divine in origin and are from the highest Love & Light. The purpose shared through my channel is always Heart Light Activation igniting soul memory.  This is to further along the awakening of your spirit – to help you on this journey of re-membering who you are as a Divine light spark of God. By connecting you with Source in this way, you are supported energetically to experience yourself from your soul’s memory. Rather than a cognitive experience, listening from the heart is a way to allow your body and your spirit to hold the space for you to receive and remember.  Learning something new is really a remembering of the wisdom that is already within your soul.   This full body experience of sound and vibration is like an ocean of goodness washing over you, opening your heart space to more compassion, peace, understanding and forgiveness.  This spiritual experience is intended to ground you in your own truth, supporting the alignment of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

  • Light Spark of the Divine

    Light spark of the Divine is just one way of many to say child of God, created in the image of God, God spark, the authentic self, the true self, the higher self your divine nature.  The word human or HU-man actually translates to Light man or man of Light. 

  • Past Life Residue

    Past life residue are energetic cords of connection, or the "hangover", from prior incarnations.  When a choice is made or something is experienced with very intense emotional energy and not transmuted, resolved or healed in that lifetime, it carries over and can overtly impact your current lifetime or incarnation.  Past life residue can become blocks that restrict your understanding and expression of your divine nature - in other words, restricting your awareness that you are a soul having a physical experience and the access to the divine truths of who you truly are.

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a tune-up of sorts - balancing and toning the energy bodies (mental, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies), as it relaxes the EGO, thus creating the space for your higher-self to be witnessed and expressed.  Fundamentally, we as humans desire to be heard and seen; and your soul, your higher-self does as well! Reiki helps clear the cobwebs for the healing and awakening to happen from within.

    Reiki literally means "Divine Life Force". Regardless of your frame of reference (spiritual or scientific), this omnipotent power has 1,000 names... some you may be familiar with - God, Divine, Source, Higher Power, Yahweh, Buddha, Christ Consciousness, Elohim, Sophia... this list is limitless. REI refers to the God aspect and KI means Life Force.  It is the energy that creates life, animates life and supports the perpetuation life. The Japanese word ki is the same as the Chinese word chi which you may be more familiar with and in Hindu cultures it is referred to as prana.

    As a Reiki Master, I connect you to this source. This energy flows through me to you where all of your energy bodies will put it to optimum use. Since this energy comes from God, it knows what you need and where you need it. I am simply the conduit, the channel, the connector. Reducing stress and creating balance in the body benefits you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is understood and visualized as light flowing from Source into the practitioner's crown and out through their hands. Reiki hands are "hands of Light". Remember: RAY as in ray of Light + KEY as in the key to unlock the door to healing.