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    About energy healing & intuitive guidance for your midlife crisis - spiritual awakening debbiechisholm.com

    If you have landed here maybe you will find a sister who understands what you are feeling even if my path has been a little different than yours.  I hope that this writing helps you to see that you are not alone on this journey and that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend years feeling confused in the awakening of your spirit.  With God’s help, this is a calling that I want to help you hear and feel with clarity and confidence, peace and wholeness.

    I spent many of my adult years pursuing a life that I thought would lead me to feeling like I had lived well.  I have been married a couple of times, raised a beautiful son, was a caretaker and roommate to my mom for many years and had a career in the accounting field.   I didn’t hate my career but I wasn’t passionate about it either, and in looking back, I wasn’t passionate about a whole lot actually.   I was plenty busy, but my soul was starving… and I had hints of this but it wasn’t a bull horn clamoring to get my attention….at least not yet.

  • Dark Night of the Soul

    In 2011 I lost my best friend of 17 years to suicide.  THIS was the dark night of my soul and was the catalyst for the search and the remembering of who I AM as a Soul having a physical experience here on Earth.  After her death, several years were spent doing and keeping busy… and feeling empty when I allowed myself the luxury of not “doing”.  I was in a constant fight with the clouds of depression and the discomfort of not understanding why I felt like there was something more to this thing called “life”.   What I did know, was that I couldn’t spend the next 23 years doing the same as the previous 23, and this set me on a journey to find myself, my true self and a deeper meaning to my days. 

    My best friend’s words of wisdom resurfaced serendipitously: “Make your big decisions with your heart Doob, and all the rest will fall into place” – I had a shift in this remembrance, and in that moment I made a conscious choice.  I chose to desire more from my life, more from myself, and this was when I allowed Grace to embrace me. Where others would have chosen medication or therapy, I chose the path of spirituality which taught me to go within and listen to my Higher Self.  I knew enough on a visceral level that I desired depth and meaning to my life, and that I wanted to feel joy and passion, connection and purpose.   


  • Amongst the many questions I had been asking myself… Who do I turn to, to help me make sense of this? Is this something that will pass if I just ignore it long enough? Is this the mid-life crisis I remember hearing about when my mom was in her mid-40’s? Thankfully, guidance from God and her many wisdom teachers prevailed through my voracious appetite for spiritual literature from a wide range of authors, energy healing and soul history lessons in helping me understand why my life was feeling like it was and how to make more congruent choices with my soul’s goals.

    I have felt the confusion that accompanies this journey and have spent countless years studying spiritual teachings and seeking wisdom outside of myself… ultimately to learn that the wisdom lives deep within me as it does YOU! I AM here to help you make sense of it all and gain clarity and confidence to be an active co-creator of your life where everything makes sense and you feel like yourself, your true and deepest self.

    I have felt the fear associated with knowing that some aspects of your life just don’t seem to fit anymore...

    I have felt how scary and confusing it is not knowing your purpose or where this all is leading you…

    I have felt the discomfort of not knowing who to turn to for help or how to go about finding the answers…

    Learning to see with the eye behind the eyes and listen with the heart behind the heart, has been a beautiful process that has connected me deeply with God. I use many words to describe this beautiful presence within all of us, Source, Sophia, Divine Mother, The Goddess, The Divine, God, Higher Self, God-Self… regardless of what you may call it, I hope and believe that we can agree that we are talking about the same qualities of an all encompassing and omniscient energy of love.

    Yes, my journey began in the corporate world and is now in the spiritual world. Your journey may or may not be the same. My focus is to help you find healing and blossoming through Divine support, so that you can create your own heaven here on Earth.

    In love & Light,