• Mid-life Crisis: What is it really?

    Debbie Chisholm Reiki Master Charlotte Lake Norman

    I’m so glad you found this post because I have been looking for YOU! My personal path of transformation has awakened me to a calling… to serve, assist, support and guide women just like you…

    • Women who are seeking but with no clear idea of what exactly
    • Women who are confused about the dissatisfaction they feel in spite of their accomplishments
    • Women who don’t know where to turn for guidance on this part of their soul’s journey

    YOU are experiencing what previous generations referred to as a “mid-life crisis” ... I have come to call this a spiritual awakening or an awakening of the spirit, because it can happen at any age... and regardless of your age, the feelings of confusion, disappointment and apathy with life are the same.

     Let’s define what this really is…..

    • It’s an awakening to your life not fitting you anymore or admitting that maybe it never really did
    • It’s an awakening to the desire of wanting more for your life and from your life
    • It’s the discomfort with the not-knowing why you are feeling this way and not knowing what to do about it
    • It’s the realization that there might actually be other options – or other ways of being in this world.

    THIS, is the beginning of your journey home….home to yourself. Now that this search or quest has begun you may be unsure of who to turn to for guidance. You probably know on some level that the answers you are seeking probably won’t come from the medical community, a therapist, or clergy, but rather a woman like yourself who has walked this walk and has successfully blossomed her true nature and now lives in a state of peace and purpose. You’re seeking someone who can listen to your heart and hear how to best guide you, like a close friend who can hold the space for you and provide support and clarity when you can’t see it for yourself. Someone who is committed to helping you find your way back home to yourself, where passion, potential and possibility reside.

    I have been blessed with gifts that serve as tools to help me connect with your soul's story. As a Reiki Master working with energy and all the "clairs" as in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, I am part confidant, part spiritual guide, part sister, part coach, and part conduit for Grace, and can help you understand your life from your soul’s perspective. This will empower you to navigate a new trail map leading you to a place of joy, meaning and understanding.

    The power is yours to step into the fullness of your beauty and inner truth. When you align your choices with your soul’s goals life becomes easier, more fulfilling, and takes on the meaning currently missing from your life.

    A mid-life crisis is potential knocking upon your heart....are you brave enough to open the door to your own wholeness?

    In love & Light,