• It seems that when people ask me what I do, I find that I quickly evaluate the perspective of the questioner in order to tailor my response in a way that they can/will be able to "hear" me and have an understanding without scaring them off or feeding into their connotative understanding of my "work".  In reality, what I would really like to say is the content of the rest of this blog entry...  for any and all hearts and minds to "hear" on whatever level feels right to them.

    You see, God works through each of us in a different way.  You may be a mechanic and your gift is repairing our vehicles so that we can continue with sharing our own gifts... you may be a garbage collector and your gift is keeping our planet cleaner and free-er of disease and filth.... you may be an engineer and your gift is to build and create structures that allow us to interact with one another... you may be a teacher and your gift is to impart knowledge... You may be a musician and your gift is to help our emotions flow more fully.... Your gift may be to live your truth day in and day out regardless of what others say or believe.... You may be a minister and your gift is to be a guide on our spiritual path.    I AM a Reiki Master Practitioner and a channel.  God works through me, through the medium of energy;  through hands on healing, intuitive guidance and Light Language or the energy of sound, with the purpose of nurturing the awakening consciousness that your spiritual body is inextricably entwined with your emotional, mental and physical body. The purpose is to help you remember who you are and why you are HERE.  However that unfolds... through Reiki, through the sounds or written symbols of Light Language, or through connecting you to your soul's history in the Akashic Records, being on the receiving end of this gift is empowering and life changing when you open your heart to accepting God's full and complete love and support any way that it shows up... through any teacher.  The important thing is to remember how it FEELS when you experience something you can't quite wrap your head around.  This is called faith and leaning-in to a new experience with an open heart.

    I give my energy, or pay my attention, to act as an intentional conduit, a channel, a connector, a communicator, a bridge.  God gives energy through me to you, through my subtle senses, my hands and my voice.  For those of you that are puzzled or uncomfortable with this conversation, know that prayer is a form of energy attention.  Prayer is paying your attention, or your energy, to hopeful requests.  My work is a form of heightened prayer - it is prayer in action... God's prayer for your healing, your awakening consciousness, your joy, your peace, your healing.  The peace that passeth all understanding comes when you release all judgment and fear around something new or on the outer edges of your comfort.  Peace comes when you have faith that through the intention of love, life is better and brighter.  Peace comes when you let go, and let God show up in his or her own way, time and place.  We all are the faces of God trying to love one another - some of us have a thicker haze of pain than others to see through - and this is something that is mitigated when you experience God's presence through another human being.

    God speaks to us through people in our lives, through Angels, through Saints, through Messiahs, through our Higher Selves.  I am not here to convert you or make you change your belief system to anything other than what it is for you right now.... I am here as a living example of the wisdom of Spirit working through a body, a human chalice.  YOU are a human chalice too... so how is the wisdom of Spirit working through you?

    God speaks to you, speaks upon your heart - maybe through Buddha, Yahweh, Jesus, St. Mary Magdalene.... it is YOUR job to clean out your "ears" to hear what Spirit is praying you into action to accomplish.  The energy shared through me shifts and opens the doorway of awareness... through the hands on healing of Reiki or the words channeled through an Ascended Master or other Holy being, are gifts that I am here to share for YOUR healing... YOUR awakening... YOUR blessings to be realized and manifested as soon as you re-member who you are, where you came from and why you are here on this planet now.

    Know that you are not alone on this trek.  Being a steward and emissary of the Light is who I re-member myself to be and I am honored to serve YOU on your journey back home to yourself ~

    Lots of Love & Light to you,