• The Voice of the Awakening Spirit

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      As a Reiki Master in the Charlotte NC area, I support your awakening spirit as you journey back to re-membering Who You Are as a Divine Spark of Source, God, the Light.

      The voice of the awakening spirit is a call that not all choose to hear nor heed.  This is a time of confusion, of discomfort, of growing pains, of life changes, of shedding the chrysalis and birthing yourself as the beautiful butterfly.  It can take many forms and ALL of them are honored as your divine path back home to oneself.

      As a medium of energy expressed in various forms, my purpose is to help you re-member Who You Are one experience at a time. Blossoming doesn't happen through one choice, act, or experience.  Blossoming is the result of sowing seeds of wisdom and the healing of the many facets of your being.  

      There is a lot of talk today about our health in terms of mind, emotions, body & spirit.  All of these "bodies" are what make you a whole being, and when they are in balance with one another and witnessed as sacred and integral parts of the whole self, this is when healing can begin.



    • Let's Talk About Energy

      So let's talk about energy and possibly "new to you" concepts around well-being.  The energetic layers of your being are inextricably entwined with each other AND with the living fabric of the Universe.  The mental body, the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body are connected through the energy body and therefore communicate through the language of energy.

      Your energy body has its own anatomy circulating your chi or ki and functions in some ways like a battery.  This battery can support, run, and manage only so many functions at one time before none of these tasks are done well and the battery drains, becoming bogged down or even lifeless.  Like a flowing river, the strength of the flow is diminished every time a new tributary or irrigation channel syphons this precious resource.  Your energy body is a resource too, one that often is taken for granted in our culture today, but that indigenous tribes and ancient cultures acknowledged as very real aspects of our ability to achieve and maintain health.

      Our health is supported not only with the food we put into our body as fuel, but also by what we feed our energy body through the thoughts we have, the words we hear and say, proper processing of emotions, stress, illness, relationships, spiritual connection, and life fulfillment.  ALL experiences are sensed in the body as expressions of energy and contribute to our overall health or lack there of.

    • As a Reiki Master working with energy and all the "clairs", I am part confidant, part spiritual guide, part sister, part coach, and part conduit for Grace, and can help you understand your life from your soul’s perspective.  Energy work, such as Reiki, leads the body to a physical place of relaxation - this is the optimal place for healing to begin.  Pain and stress in the physical body, the emotional body or the spiritual body are invitations to change something, to listen and accept the calling of your spirit to drink from the well of healing. Whether you come to me for Reiki or any of my other services, all experiences lead in the same direction, empowering you to a place where you can see yourself from a new perspective, experience a shift in what it feels like to be in your body, opening the door to well-being, peace and joy.






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